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Rest Day

Just Do It…Whatever “It” Is

March 05, 20242 min read

just do it

Not a Nike ad, just a thought from a “recovering” procrastinator. 

To some extent, we all will delay doing what we know needs to be done. Laundry…Gas in the car…Phoning a friend that’s been on our mind.

Delaying very often begets more delaying which begets missed opportunities.  In school it may have been, “I don’t feel like doing the paper now. I’ll get to it tomorrow.” Tomorrow comes and you say it again. Eventually, it’s due the next day but your friend now has an extra ticket to the game. Do you miss the game or the deadline?


You find out about the awesome opportunity at work but your resume needs some polishing before putting your name in the candidate pool. It’s late in the day and you have dinner plans and you REALLY want to go try out this new restaurant.  Do you miss the opportunity or dinner?


You are really trying to focus on your fitness goals and have seen progress.  The inevitable malaise hits and you “just don’t feel like going today.” Today becomes tomorrow and the next day. Do you miss today and “shoot” for tomorrow?

Life will always present choices and opportunities. Some days we’ll choose to miss the deadline; sometimes we’ll miss dinner; and other times we’ll miss today.  Just realize that each choice brings an opportunity (known or unknown) and a consequence (desired or unexpected). And we have to square with ourselves the outcomes of those choices.  They are, in fact, the building blocks of us. 

We are some of our decisions and choices.

If we have personal and professional goals, I guess we know which choices best lead us to achieving them. There’s always time after reaching goals to celebrate, but time (an possible opportunity) lost along the way can never be recaptured.

Make your choice. Do the paper; there will be another concert. If it’s a job you really want, do the resume. The restaurant will be there. Stick to your training program; there’s time to rest on your rest day.

Often, you’ll find getting it done now can also lead to better possibilities later.

Prioritize wellness over comfort and Just do it!

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Herman Phillips

Herman is dedicated to empowering athletes to achieve their goals and improve one rep at a time. His CrossFit journey began more than a decade ago. After retiring from the U.S. Navy, he walked into Trident and never looked back.

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